Mike Cane is usually cranky.

He is less cranky when reading. Hence this new blog.

He has previously been cranky at these other blogs, which also have book, eBook, and digital publishing-related posts:

Mike Cane’s Blog
Mike Cane 2008
The eBook Test
Mike Cane’s xBlog

Contact: mikecane01 -at- gmail.com

Do not send material unsolicited!


2 Responses to About

  1. tony martin says:

    “Jobs said. “In sixty years of animation history, nobody had thought of doing an animated movie about insects, until Lasseter.”

    Mr. Bug Goes to Town was released in 1941.

    A bugs life was released in 1998.

    That is 57 years difference. Are you really going to fault Steve Jobs for being off by three years?

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